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Thea is a photojournalist and photographer born in 1992.

She grew up in a small community by the sea, surrounded by the deep,

green forests of Västerbotten, north Sweden.

Thea loves adventures and to express herself in every creative way possible.



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rewards / education

Rewarded with the Bakom Bilden Scholarship, March 2015.

BA in journalism, Mid Sweden University 2015.

BA in photojournalism, Mid Sweden University 2015.




Group exhibition @ Galleri Kontrast, Stockholm, 28/5 - 7/6 2015.

Single exhibition @ Society Café, Skellefteå, 15/7 - 29/8 2016.

Höstsalongen @ Nordanå, Skellefteå 10/9 - 16/10 2016.

Konsttältet @ Trästockfestivalen, Skellefteå 21-22/7 2017.


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